Book Magenta

Photo by Paul J Morton

When you book Magenta for your event, you get a slice of our magic tailored to your needs. We sing in concerts and festivals, at weddings and birthday parties, for large audiences and in more intimate settings.

As we are acoustic and a cappella, we need no equipment, no power, no set-up or get-out time, but can slot seamlessly into your event at the appropriate moment. All we need to delight an audience is a space large enough to fit up to 20 singers, in a position where people will be able to see and hear our performance.

When you get in touch about your event, we will ask about the following details: date, time, venue, occasion, availability of space to warm-up, length and number of sets. We’ll then be able to give you a quote and discuss how we can best help you present a memorable and heart-warming occasion.

 “Magenta brought with them a wonderfully warm and festive vibe to the MAC Christmas Fair on 9th December – enjoyed by all”  


Enquiries: Val Dillon (val null@null magentacloseharmony
07568 098142

Musical director: Liz Garnett (liz NULL.garnett null@null magenta NULL.sandfordsolutions
0121 249 0813