Folk Forays in Cheltenham

Magenta at CheltenhamMagenta’s foray into the world of folk came to fruition this weekend with an exciting performance in the Folk Class at the Cheltenham Festival of Performing Arts.

In a departure from our usual repertoire, two traditional but contrasting folk songs were arranged by director Liz Garnett. The hauntingly beautiful ‘She Moved Through the Fair ‘ told the sad story of a lost love and was described by the adjudicator as an “atmospheric performance”.

The mischievous Irish skipping song ‘I’ll tell me Ma when I get home’ was in complete contrast. Punctuated by sequences of joyfully rhythmic stamps and claps, we hoped that the latter would be as fun to watch as it is to perform. The smiles from the audience confirmed this as did the adjudicator’s comments of “engaging and enjoyable”.

Cheltenham Town Hall provided a beautiful back drop for the class in which the very worthy 100 strong Cor Y Gleision (http://cardiffblueschoir from Wales were eventual winners.

All in all, a rewarding and uplifting experience.

Sam Wishart



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