Magenta Retreat

retreat-outsideSunday 18 September saw Magenta spending the whole day on a retreat at Hillscourt Conference Centre, a return visit for the majority and first time for three of us who joined within the last year (with no idea of what to expect!)

Inspired by a beautiful venue (and an excellent lunch) we covered a variety of choir related topics, starting with a getting to know you ice breaker from Jenny, then a very music-machine-2 music-machinehelpful session from Liz on controlling nerves.

An artistic exercise by Cathy make us think about what Magenta means to us. Liz led a fun session on singing with varied (and in some cases rather bizarre) styles – try singing Somebody to Love while trying to look like an excited puppy!

There was also a session on quarteting led by our quartet regulars with each group then performing to the rest of the choir. Only ten notes but a really useful exercise for those of us new to singing in a quartet.

Glenys introduced us to the benefits of laughter yoga, though perhaps the biggest laugh came from Julie’s music machine exercise (pictured left).

A long and tiring day but good to spend time together recharging musical batteries, working on all sorts of different aspects (including sharing out the admin jobs) and getting to know each other better – very important when singing together. Roll on another year’s singing.

Jane Kirby

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