Singing for Moseley Folk

Magenta at Friday FolkMagenta are always keen to sing to delight local audiences.  We are based in Moseley, and enjoy the chance to join venues in the village. Last Friday, we were invited to perform for a happy band of folk dancers who regularly attend ‘Friday Folk’ meetings at St Anne’s Church Hall.

We were delighted to be asked, as we have recently taken on a new project to learn new arrangements of popular folk songs: ‘I Tell Me Ma’ and ‘She Moved Through The Fair’.  This kind invitation gave us the chance to premier one of our new arrangements to a friendly and encouraging audience before we face a panel of judges at Cheltenham Festival of Performing Arts next weekend.

We sang our two new folk songs, along with two well-loved pieces from our original repertoire (‘God Only Knows’ and ‘Price Tag’).  It was great fun, and seemed to please our audience during a well-earned break from their dancing.  Afterwards, we joined them for a cuppa and a biscuit, and some of us stayed to have a go at some traditional folk moves until late in the evening.‎

Thank you to the lovely dancers at St Anne’s Friday Folk, especially Paul, Howard and Diana for their warm welcome.”

Jo Hickman

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